Valentine Craft You're the Cherry Sweetest Tootsie Pop DIY

Valentine Craft You're the Cherry Sweetest Tootsie Pop DIY

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You're so sweet, you're the cherry on top! If you're looking for an easy Valentine craft that will make everyone smile, grab your glue gun and some Tootsie Pops! ValentineCraftTootsiePopCherryNatalieWise1

These SIMPLE and quick DIY valentines crafts can be made in one night for all of your galentines or your kiddo's classmates. They are silly enough for kids (who love Tootsie Pops!) and cute/clever enough for your work bestie. If you're having the kids make these, be sure you help them with the hot glue gun as those things get HOT! The original idea comes from The House That Lars Built, but I've made them a bit simpler.

Tootsie Pop Cherry Valentines

You'll Need:

2 Tootsie Pops in red/pink colors for each Valentine (regular OR mini tootsie roll pops, I think the regular size look better in proportion, and you can get a bouquet of seven of the full size Tootsie Pops right now at the Dollar Tree for $1, red ones only, and the stems are already somewhat bent which makes the project even easier!)

Green washi tape or floral tape

Glue gun and glue

Green cardstock or cardboard (I re-used an Apple-Cinnamon Cheerios box because #HappyPrettyMessy life)

Simply bend the sticks of the 'cherry' tootsie roll pops so they look naturally like a pair of cherries. Wrap the stems of each stick in the green washi or floral tape individually first. Then add a good blob of hot glue to connect the two tops of the sticks in a manner where they naturally lay flat like a pair of cherries. Let dry thoroughly. Then wrap the tops together with the green washi/floral tape. Cut out leaf shapes from your green cardstock, add handwritten greetings, and hot glue to the back of the cherry stems.

Voila...cherry cheers for your Valentine's day gifts! Don't forget to make one for yourself :)


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