Vintage Beauty: 1953 Revlon Nail Polish Cherries in the Snow

Vintage Beauty: 1953 Revlon Nail Polish Cherries in the Snow

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Did you know there are some vintage beauty products you can actually still purchase and wear? This is one of my favorites, and I hope it becomes one of your favorites too!


Cherries in the Snow nail polish and lipstick is a color originally from 1953, but believe it or not, it is STILL available in Revlon's line today. It makes the perfect gift for your Galentines, as it's a darling red-pink that is flattering on everyone. Plus then name is so February perfect: Cherries in the Snow! Don't you love it?


The ad copy may be a bit outdated, and I'm pretty sure those are grapes painted red instead of real cherries, but the art and typography are still captivating to me. The models' brows are perfection, and their long, almond nail shape is back in style today. Isn't it funny that things come back around? This was before I was born, and even before my mother was born! But some things stay, too, which I love. The fact that you can still walk to Walmart, or log on to Amazon and order Cherries in the Snow nail polish or Cherries in the Snow lipstick, means it stood the test of time and is a true classic. Just like your besties, right? 

And your besties deserve something special on Valentine's Day, since they're there with you through thick and thin. Vintage beauty just seems to make sense for Valentine's Day don't you think? And I love a simple, but meaningful little gift. If you're short on time or money, it's easy to grab these nail polishes, pop them in a striped red and white bag, and seal with washi tape. Your friends will be amazed to know that a nail polish (or nail enamel, as they called it then) is still available, and they, too, can "ravish" their fingertips with this "madly voluptuous" nail color, to quote the vintage Revlon ad! The nail polish or lipstick also makes the perfect addition to my Cherry Tootsie Pop valentines. Cherries in the snow...or a bit of brightness in the middle of February...indeed!

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