General Resources and Links

Below you'll find a list of my absolute favorite resources from all of my books that are things I can't carry in my own Shop section yet. Some links may be affiliate links. I may get paid if you buy something or take an action after clicking one of these links. These do not cost extra to you and help keep my website running. Enjoy!

My Favorite Tea EVER: Tasha Tudor's Welsh Breakfast Tea, available only from Tasha Tudor and Family, is my favorite tea with some sugar and cream or milk. It is strong, robust, and not bitter at all. It keeps me going non-stop! Plus I love supporting family businesses (and friends, as they are my friends, too!)

My Favorite Tub for Washing Fruits and Vegetables: The Joseph Joseph "Wash and Drain Basin" tub is my go-to whenever I am soaking fruits and vegetables with the recipe from Modern Organic Home. It is just the right size, has handles for easy carrying, and has a drain in the bottom so you don't lose any fruit or have to pick up the heavy full tub. It comes in many colors, too!

My Favorite Laundry Soap EVER: Nellie's Laundry Soda is my absolute favorite laundry product and I can go on at length about how much I love it...powdered, so you're not shipping/buying water, cleans super well, works in HE, comes in an adorable vintage tin...I just love it. You will too! 

My Favorite Laundry Stain Remover: My favorite natural laundry stain remover is Puracy. Why not make our own, you ask? Well this is enzyme-based, and plant-derived, and it's really hard to create an enzyme-based cleaning agent at home. You can purchase one singly for $15.99 or two for $20.99 on that decision should be clear to two! You'll love Puracy!

My Favorite To-Go Coffee Mug: YETI bottles are the absolute best at keeping drinks hot or cold! I have a collection of pink and seafoam Yeti tumblers and water bottles, and half the time my husband steals them (even the one with my name on it! That was a gift, I think my MIL got it from Etsy). These are the best at keeping drinks hot! I think the pink is discontinued and therefore more expensive, but seafoam is still available, plus plenty of other colors. 

My Current Favorite Coffee Maker: My favorite way to make coffee with with a pour-over (or pour-through), and the Hario V-60 is the "cadillac" has an extra large hole and special swirls around the inside of the ceramic and it's so EASY and QUICK that my husband and I love it. We always used to forget to plunge the French press, plus if you don't actually unscrew the mesh part of the french press to clean it, the coffee gets a weird taste quickly. Plus I dropped it and it shattered, so there's that. We use these Hario cone filters with it.

The "Bug Bite Thing": I talked about this in my stories, and it's really been a wonderful addition to my summer bag, I keep it with me all the time! If you're prone to bug bites, this is a wonderful gadget. It 'vacuums' out the 'venom' or whatever 'itchy stuff' it is that bugs inject when they bite you, and it makes the itch go away almost instantly! It really works. Try the bug bite thing!

Spatty Makeup Spatula: I love these things!!! Aren't you always so sad when you run out of your favorite lotion or makeup, but it still LOOKS like there is product inside? Spatty makeup/lotion spatula to the rescue. I like the 2 pack, because the 6" is perfect for makeup and the 12" is perfect for longer pump bottles. Bonus: This helps you get containers clean enough to properly recycle. Win-win!